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* twice voted by A-List

The Best Doggy Daycare in Burnaby

Offering a safe, enriched, and fun environment for your dogs to socialize and exercise!

We incorporate enrichment activities into your dogs' day so they receive not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation while chilling at Lucky's. Twice a day, we engage dogs in small groups in these activities, including solving puzzle, chasing bubbles, playing with flirt pole.

We periodically update and rotate our equipments so your dogs will never be bored!

What Happy Clients Say about
Lucky's Doggy Daycare

My dog goes to a very select few daycares as he has bad separation anxiety. This is the only daycare he’s excited and runs in through the door too once we pull up outside. As for my dealings with the staff , they’re very friendly to deal with.


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We really appreciate the people who work here! Lucky’s team show care and that they really enjoy their work and love each dog. My dog is a rescue and can be difficult to pick up as he is skittish with people and runs away. He also loves playing “catch me if you can” when he is happy and likes to be chased for fun. The team here takes their time and shows patience to get him when we pick him up.

Linda Nguyen

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Best dog daycare period. Drop-in service, attentive staff. Great facility. The only daycare my senior dog enjoys going to. Never had a incident, and they pay attention when a dog needs extra care.

Baron von Wulf

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